Course curriculum

    1. Welcome Message from Terry Whin-Yates

    1. History of the Lock(smith)

    2. The different fields of Locksmithing and types of work performed

    3. Ethics and Regulations

    1. Types Of Key Operated Locks

    2. How to identify a key

    3. Schlage ND Classroom Security Lock

    4. Security Strike Plate Burglar Proofing Your Home

    5. Weiser PowerBolt 1

    6. 100 Most Popular Key Blanks to Stock

    1. Remove & Replace Mailbox Lock

    1. The Basic Tools Needed For A Beginner Locksmith

    2. My Basic Locksmith Rekey Tool Kit

    3. Simple Crash Kit

    4. Tools For Installing Deadbolts

    5. Castle Nut Wrench

    6. Broken Key Extractors

    7. DO NOT BUY Hardware Store Drill Bits

    8. How To Use A Key Gauge

    9. Lipstick - Most Important Locksmith Tool.

    10. Mortice Cylinder

    11. Basic Locksmith Locks and Key for Service Truck

    12. Locksmith Tools EDC Review

    13. Locksmith Tools for the New Locksmith

    14. Castration Rings for Locksmiths

    15. Mr. Locksmith 511 Tactical Tool Bag Bugout Kit

    16. Top 10 Locksmith Tools for Beginners

    17. Veto Pro Pac Tech For Locksmith Picks

    18. New Mr Locksmith Service Truck - Ford Transit Connect

    1. Introduction to Key Machines

    2. Key Duplication

    3. Key Generating

    4. HPC Speedex

    5. HPC Code Machine

    6. ITL Code Machine

    7. Framon Code Key Machine for Locksmiths

    8. Ilco 044 Semi-Automatic Key Machines

    9. JMA NOMAD Semi-Automatic Key Duplicator

    10. My Favourite Key Duplicator - Framon Express Key Machine

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Terry Whin-Yates is a 3rd Generation Locksmith with over 35 years of Locksmith Experience. Also, Terry has a BA(Hons) in Criminology from Simon Fraser University. His YouTube Channel has 200,000+ Subscribers, 25+ Million Views: Terry Whin-Yates participates in locksmith podcasts, he writes blogs and posts locksmith videos on YouTube, Social Media and Webinars. Mr. Locksmith YouTube Viral Video How to Open Sentry Safe in 5 Seconds 6+ Million Views!

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